A9000 SPC

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A9000 SPC

Antifouling autopulimentable a base de copolímero


Nautix A9000 SPC (“Self-Polishing Copolymer”) :
- State of the art antifouling paint for intensive use over long period in heavy fouling areas.
- Based on a copolymer that hydrolyses in water at a very consistent pace, providing a continuous leaching of biocides over long periods of time.
- Efficacy life span will vary proportionally with the paint thickness applied on the hull, allowing for an extended biocidal activity compared to traditional antifouling products.
- Preferred solution for large ships going at sea for long periods or for intensive navigation cycles.
- Long-run travelers who cannot lift the boat every year for periodical hull maintenance will also appraise this product.
- Good compatibility with most SPC paint on the market (if in good condition).

Producto peligroso. Utilizar los biocidas con cuidado. Ante toda utilización, leer atentamente la etiqueta y las informaciones a propósito del producto. Respetar las precauciones de empleo.

Este producto sólo se reserva al uso profesional.

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